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Video Still Color Corrected for publication cover
Color Correcting for Oil Painting Reproduction
Before and After Photos of Food Retouching


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Color Editing for Web Page Design

Color is contextual. Color exists, not as an isolated element, but rather, as part of a larger context. To that end, it’s important to be...

Portrait Retouching for Book Covers

Portrait retouching is both a skill and an art form. The skill is the “how-to” of knowing  the techniques to remove blemishes, minimize...

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"Everything I know about lighting, color reproduction, photo design, and photography comes into play when doing photo retouching, image manipulation, print production work."
says Martha DiMeo, owner of, a photo editing services company, specializes in photo retouching, color correction, and print production for books, magazines, art publishers, marketing and advertising clients.

Possessing expertise across the interdependent disciplines of photography, design, prepress, and print production, Martha DiMeo brings an invaluable combination of skills to her retouching and color work.

What We Can Do For You

Color Correction, Raw Conversion, Retouching & Photo Manipulation. To begin, review the portfolio section that best relates to the project at hand. Then peruse the other sections. Your imaging and retouching needs will likely consist of work relating to more than one category.

Peruse the Portfolios

In the Magazine Portfolio you will see image enhancements relating specifically to book and magazine page design. The Art Reproduction section is about precise color matching.

Want to view examples of dramatic or subtle changes that greatly improve composition and enhance the visual message? See the Color + Light portfolio.

No one likes to go back to the drawing board when the perfect photo has been researched. The Improving Stock portfolio features examples illustrating what can be done to make an image suitable for reproduction eliminating the need to find a replacement.

Portrait Retouching is all about making a person look their best–refreshed and well rested. Product + Catalog portfolios include color correction, silhouetting, design prototyping. Lastly, Trends + Techniques portfolio is the place to go for photo design inspiration.