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Illustrating Color Management

Posted by Martha DiMeo on September 25th, 2013 | No Comments

 Illustrating the idea of color matching without the benefit of using color. Great job Carl! 

Color Management, A Fun Illustration

A shout out and a big thank you to Carl Schulz of IVstudios LLC for this terrific illustration; it appeared on the cover of the Guild News, Spring 2013 edition. The artwork accompanied the article I wrote titled The Color-Managed Workflow: Monitor Calibration & Environment for the Graphic Artists Guild newsletter.

Illustration for an article about monitor calibration and color management

Are You Working In A Color-Managed Environment?

In the Guild News article I give an overview of digital color, introduce the first steps in a color management workflow—monitor calibration and work environment—and outline the process to achieve consistent and predictable color. If you would like a copy of the article, drop me a line through my Contact page or leave a comment below. Be sure to tell me the area of art and design in which you work.

The Color-Managed Workflow: Monitor Calibration article by Martha DiMeo

More on Color Management

You may also be interested in an earlier blog post, The Color Management Series–Perception & Our Environment. Discover how our eyes trick us. You may not be seeing the color you think you’re seeing.


On-Site Color Management Consulting Services

I work with graphic designers to set up color-managed workflows. Visit the Services>Color Management Consulting page to learn more and to schedule a time to chat.

More Color Resources

Visit the Resources + More page for more information, helpful links, and PDF downloads on color perception, color management, and digital color reproduction.


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