You just subscribed to an email marketing service. But now what? You are probably asking yourself endless questions. Where do I begin in putting together effective email campaigns that will get results? Should I use the provided templates are create my own? Will my photos work with standard templates? How do I re-size them? Is the resolution right?

We will work with you to address all these concerns. ChromaQueen can retouch and re-size individual images to use within standard templates or design custom Photoshop templates specifically geared to your marketing needs.

Custom Designed Email Campaigns

Melody Phaneuf Paintings invitation for for Liberty Hotel, Boston gallery night event
Fenway Alliance Opening Our Doors Email Campaign-Melody Phaneuf Paintings
email-marketing campaign for Melody The Artist Home photography by Martha DiMeo
Melody The Artist Home online store annoucement
Still Life and Landscape paintings email promotion for Melody Phaneuf Paintings
Oil Paintings Small Works by Melody Phaneuf Email Marketing Campaign
Oil Paintings promotion-Melody The Artist Home email marketing campaign
Email marketing campaign designed by Martha
Melody The Artist Home Email Promotion for Valentine notecards
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