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It’s All About Improving Photos One Image at a Time

Posted by Martha DiMeo on August 1st, 2012 | No Comments

Hello World

Welcome to the CQ blog. Where to start with the first blog post? In his e-book Who’s There, Seth Godin’s writes “Blogs work best when people read them over time. One frame of a movie isn’t enough to win an Academy Award, and one post on a blog isn’t enough to make a huge difference.” With that said, in this first frame of the first post, my goal is to give you an overview of topics that will be covered–and more importantly– how it will benefit you and make a difference in your work.

If you create, edit, select, or design with photographs this blog is for you. My goal is provide rich and informative content that is relevant, timely and interesting. The aim is to share information and tips will help you in your day-to-day tasks of creating visual media.

What To Expect

You’ll find topics about things you need to know to work more efficiently, tips to make you super-productive when working with photography, and lots of insights and know-how on topics such as how to avoid disappointing or unexpected results at the proofing stage or on-press.

Topics to Be Covered

I’ll be covering topics like resolution and image enlargement (have you ever had to enlarge a photo 300% and wondered if it would be hold up?) and other important technical considerations that can mean the difference between mediocre and superb results. I’ll share with you case studies and actual projects I am working on. I’ll show you “photo miracles” where photos that looked like lost causes were brought back to their intended brilliance.

I Want to Hear from You

Do you have a topic you’d like to see covered or a question about photo editing, retouching, color correction or print production you’d like answered? Send it along. This is the place for conversation, comments, and questions relating to image enhancement, photo retouching, and print production.

As Godin noted, blogs work best when people read them over time. And, blogs work best when people participate. Join my community. Lets share, learn, and grow together.


© Martha DiMeo 2012


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