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3 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About Color Management

Posted by Martha DiMeo on March 13th, 2014 | 1 Comment

Photoshop color profile mismatch dialog boxThis week I turned my attention to an invitation I received from my friends at Creative Relay, Ed Shems and Justin Perricone. They asked me to write a guest blog post for their site CreativeRelay.com.

In conjunction with the webinar they will be giving on March 18, 2014  for RISD Alumni Relations—titled  Pixels to Ink—they wanted to offer attendees and the Creative Relay community additional information on the subject of color management.

Happy to oblige, I wrote the article 3 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About Color Management.  The article outlines the foundation of implementing a color-managed workflow. I discuss the three steps—or more accurately, 3 rules—every designer should follow to obtain consistent and predictable color results. They are:

  1. Calibrate and Profile Your Monitor
  2. Control Your Physical Environment
  3. Embed and Honor Document Profiles

Link to Article

You’ll find the article and an in-depth discussion of the three steps at this link. Be sure to leave a comment if you find the article helpful or informative.

Going forward, if you have questions or could benefit from assistance with color related issues, I’m happy to help. Along with color correction and photo retouching services, I offer on-site and remote color management consulting. Here’s the link to my contact page.

Thanks for reading and be sure to come back to ChromaQueen.com after reading the article!


Photo Caption: Photoshop’s “Mismatch Profile” warning dialog box.


Pixels to Ink — RISD / Creative Relay Webinar

Interested in attending the March 18th webinar Pixels to Ink? It is open the public; all are welcome to attend. Here’s the link to register. (Be sure to tell Ed and Justin I sent you.)


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  1. Ed Shems says:

    Thanks Martha- it’s a great article. It’s pretty scary how easy it is to ignore the color management side until you run into trouble with a job and there’s a tight deadline looming!

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