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There is one question I’m often asked about the process of transforming an image through retouching and image manipulation work. The question and the answer is…

  • “How long did it take you to do that?”
  • “20 minutes and 20 years.”

Martha DiMeo is intensely passionate about photography, Photoshop, and superb color reproduction. During the course of her 25 year career Martha has worked as a staff photographer for Hallmark Cards, as a Digital Imaging Specialist for leading magazine titles (The New Yorker, Fortune, People) and has established and managed in-house prepress and art production departments (Cahners Business Information, Elegant Publishing). Her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to launch Melody The Artist Home, a joint venture with Boston artist Melody Phaneuf and ChromaQueen.com, a photo editing services company specializing in photo retouching and color correction for books, magazines, art publishers, and marketing and advertising clients.

Possessing expertise across the interdependent disciplines of photography, design, prepress, and print production, Martha brings an invaluable combination of skills to her retouching and color work.

“All that I know about lighting and composition from my years in commercial photography along with my hands-on experience working in prepress and print production influences and informs my color correction and retouching work. I understand–from first-hand experience–the challenges of photography, the considerations in the design process, and the technical requirements to produce the desired results on press.”

A complete understanding of what is involved in every step of the process makes Martha an indispensable asset to your project.

Martha holds a B.S. in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. At 16 years of age she landed her first job in photography, selling photo restoration services. She trained in Photoshop in 1992 and in 1994 was hired to implement digital photography into the newly formed in-house prepress department at The New Yorker magazine. Returning to New England, Martha moved into B-to-B publishing at Cahners Business Information. At Cahner’s, she was charged with managing the in-house prepress department for nine titles and numerous supplements.

At Houghton Mifflin she worked as a Photoshop Color Separation Specialist and was responsible for high-end Photoshop retouching and color separations for three Spanish language textbooks.

Martha joined Elegant Publishing (publisher of Wedding Style magazine) as Production/Imaging Director, where she was responsible for the art production and prepress operations.

Read more about Martha’s career in photography and launch of ChromaQueen.com in an interview with ASPP (American Society of Picture Professionals).

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